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February 2019
Health Summit Club - february 2019
Eat Real Foods Summit
15 health and wellness coaches and professionals share their expertise about what "real foods" are, any why they are important to our health. The more you understand the food you eat, the better you can eat to support your overall physical, mental and emotional health!
February 26 - 28, 2019
The Eat Real Foods Summit
The Eat Real Foods Summit is a 3 day long virtual event during which 15 health and wellness coaches and professionals are going to share their insights and expertise with you. 

A health coach is an authority on a specific area of health who supports their clients and audience, helping them to feel their best through food & lifestyle changes.

In many cases, the guest experts you'll meet on this Health Summit have struggled through the very same illnesses and difficulties you're struggling with. They fought their way through and found a passion in helping others heal themselves.

The speakers featured in this Health Summit are professionals who teach and coach topics ranging from macro-nutrition, to various dietary eating plans, to toxin free, green foods, and overall bio-individuality in regards to food. We're aiming to present a range of options for you to include more real foods in your lifestyle, meeting you wherever you are now and helping you increase your health in a delicious, nutritious way!
The Eat Real Foods Summit speakers have 
Expert Training & practice Through...
accomplishment coaching
landmark education
Why Should You Attend the 
Eat Real Foods Summit?
No Travel

A virtual summit is held online, not in a conference room or doctor's office!

All presentations will be broadcast right here on this website, so you can watch from the comfort of your own home. See the full agenda below!
Free Admission

You can watch ALL the speaker's presentations when they debut for the first time according to the agenda below. 

Even better, each speaker's presentation will remain online and free to access for 24 hours after it is first aired.
Expert Speakers

The experts featured in the Health Summit are leaders in their fields of expertise and work every day with clients just like you.

The knowledge they have to share will help you manage your own eating habits to take control of your health throughout 2019!
The Experts You'll Be Learning from in the
Eat Real Foods Health Summit 
Danielle Daem
Danielle Daem
Domonica Roszko
Dominica Roszko
Carey Davis-Monroe
Carey Davis-Munro
Anisha Anand
Anisha Anand
Katherine O'Laughlin
Katherine O Loughlin
Samantha Eaton
Samantha Eaton
Vicki Brett-Gach
Vicki Brett-Gach
Ritcha Garrett
Ritcha Garrett
Gareth Stubbs
Gareth Stubbs
Fatma Kamal
Fatma Kamal
Fiona Chapman
Fiona Chapman
Hallie Steinburg
Hallie Steinberg
Jason Winters
First Last
Jason Winters
First Last
Eat Real Foods Summit Agenda
* All times listed are Eastern Standard Time (EST) / New York City *
Schedule still subject to slight changes.
February 26: Real vs Fake Foods
7:00am EST
"Welcoming Advice" - Monique Nelson
8:00am EST
"A Scientific Look at Eating Plans" - Matty Lansdown
10:00am EST
"Replacing Processed Foods" - Carey Davis-Munro
12:00pm EST
"Eating Fat For Health" - Nissa Graun
2:00pm EST
"Sugar Freedom" - Danielle Daem
4:00pm EST
"Reducing Refined Foods" - Kira Whitham
February 27: Plants & Animals
8:00am EST
"Real Herbs for Real Food" - Fiona Chapman
10:00am EST
"Plant Based Nutrition" - Amanda Rose
12:00pm EST
"Macronutrients" - Katherine O Loughlin
2:00pm EST
"Real Foods...Concentrated!" - Hallie Steinberg
4:00pm EST
"Cooking With Real Ingredients" - Vicki Brett-Gach
6:00pm EST
"The Anti-Diet" - Samantha Eaton
February 28: Quality Control
8:00am EST
"Bioindividuality" - Fatma Kamal
10:00am EST
"From Farm to Table" - Anisha Anand
12:00pm EST
"dToxing" - Gareth Stubbs
2:00pm EST
"Culinary Herbs As Medicines" - Dominica Alicia Roszko
4:00pm EST
"Toxin Free Living" - Ritcha Garrett
5:00pm EST
"Closing Remarks & A Challenge" - Monique Nelson
Are you Ready Eat Real Foods in order to make 2019 your healthiest year ever? 
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Eat Real Foods Health Summit?
The Eat Real Foods Summit is a 3 day long virtual event during with over 14 health and wellness coaches and professionals are going to share their insights and expertise with you. 
Who is the Summit For?
This summit is for men, women and teens who are trying to figure out what exactly they're supposed to eat in order to stay healthy. With marketing and so many competing "diets" it's hard to understand what is right for you. Our guest experts are prepared to break down the information for you, so you can choose what foods are right for your unique lifestyle. 
Do I have to travel to the Health Summit?
Nope! The Eat Real Foods Health Summit is a virtual event, meaning that there is no physical meeting location for the conference. Rather, the interviews will be streamed at the given dates and times specified (see the Agenda listed above on this page). Anyone who has a free ticket to the event will receive the links to access the broadcasts of these interviews.
Is the Health Summit really free?
Yes! Anyone who has claimed their free ticket will receive links to access the broadcasts of the interviews with the speakers. These broadcasts will remain available for 24 hours, after which they will be removed and no longer accessible. Make sure you take note of the Agenda (above on this page) and make sure to schedule your time to attend the sessions that interest you the most!
What if I miss one of the speaker's presentations?
I recognize that it may be difficult to attend every single one of the presentations at the date and time specified. This is why each broadcast will be made available for 24 hours from the time it is scheduled to air. Links will be sent to everyone who has claimed their free ticket to see these broadcasts.

If you do happen to miss one of the speakers' presentations, even after the extended 24 hour window, there is an option to upgrade your ticket to an All Access Pass. With this pass you'll be given lifetime access to all of the presentations, viewable whenever you want to watch them. Claim your free ticket below to learn more about the All Access Pass.
Have other questions?
Feel free to send our summit host an email anytime at
Hi, I'm your summit host, Monique Nelson.
World Travelling Health & Happiness Coach
I studied Health Coaching with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition because of my longstanding passion for healing the body through nutrition. Through the program, I learned that health & happiness is based on so much more than simply food!

In an effort to bring specialized holistic care to more people around the world, I began Health Summit Club as a way to connect health coaches with clients who need them.

Health Coaches can learn more at HealthCoachPress.Club
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